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We are very excited to share Dr. Egerton's wisdom with our community.

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The Platinum Connection:  Facing the Divide & Embracing the Journey

This session is designed to empower listeners to consider new ways of engaging their enneagram knowledge by welcoming differences and using them as a source of enrichment. When we think of differences it is important to think of the relationships that have been broken as a result of the dimensions of our diversity, differing perspectives, and opposing beliefs. Using the Enneagram as a foundation we can begin to rebuild and restore these seeming irreparable divides across our differences.

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This interview was part of the Enneagram Global Summit, a free online event featuring today’s leading Enneagram teachers — sharing the latest insights and applications to take your Enneagram knowledge deeper and integrate it into your own personal growth journey. For more information, please visit This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.

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Our mission: to facilitate the development of socially, economically and environmentally responsible  individuals, willing to lead and leverage from their position for societal and economic equity and integrity necessary to benefit our global society. 

We specialize in facilitating change by working with individuals utilizing the Enneagram Personality Archetypes. Our services include executive and life  coaching, management training, culture change, diversity, equity and inclusion frameworks, discrimination, sexual and all forms of harassment prevention, compliance & ethics training.

Our Results yield: The return of humanity to the work environment, philanthropic based morale, productivity improvement and RESPECT for all individuals

  Our Team collaborates with an innovative network of consultants who specialize in man​y areas of practice such as business best practices, population health management, culture council formation, leadership development, conflict resolution, social and economic justice, executive coaching, and employee engagement. Our consulting network is extensive, highly experienced, and invested in producing life changing results for our clients.


We offer organizational development and consulting services. Our goal is for you to have a healthy organization through efficient policies, diversity, and employee engagement.

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We assist responsible leaders and their staff who are invested in developing a positive workplace environment. We emphasize important ethical behaviors, philanthropic-based morale, social interaction, 
and social responsibility in business.

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We analyze the current conditions of your workplace, design custom training interventions, and provide personalized opportunities for growth and development.

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The Enneagram

We often see ourselves very differently from how others see us. As human beings our capacity to experience ourselves as others do is quite limited. We do not all think alike. We do not all share the same background, look alike, or behave in the same way, therefore, we have very different perspectives. However, at the core of each individual is a drive, an impulse, a deep inner motivation that can be identified by observing our own behaviors, without judgement or shame. Two decades ago I began working with the Enneagram and I continue to be amazed at the way that the petals of my own personality structure continue to open and reveal aspects of my true self to me. The Enneagram is an ancient archetypal personality system that combines modern psychological practices with a deep foundation in ancient traditions, religions, cultures and spiritual practices. It is inclusive and embraces and connects people across the many aspects of our humanity that are commonly used to define and divide us from one another.

The Enneagram creates a cognitive shift into mindfulness at an individual and team level and uncovers the focus and patterns of behavior that subconsciously drive and motivate us to act in certain ways. In making these patterns and motivations conscious, the individual is able to develop and work with what once was a challenge and create positive deep and sustainable change in themselves and in their environment. Options and answers appear that we did not know were possible. We intend to create an experience that will be a gift to you and to everyone that is part of this journey. We will create a network of positive intentional interaction that moves away from fear by grounding us in presence. 

Then and only then can we be connected, as intended , as one race, the human race.