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Deborah Threadgill Egerton, Ph.D.

Dr. Egerton founded Trinity Transition Consultants over 20 years ago, and has since implemented sustainable change for various clients including the U.S. Naval Academy, The U.S. Dept. of Transportation, the National Institutes of Health, and multiple government organizations. She facilitates career growth and personal development with individuals and organizations by focusing her efforts on respecting the uniqueness of every individual and honoring the humanity in us all.

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"The differences we face become threatening and create challenges, when instead they could provide us with the opportunity to connect and learn from each other. We must be willing to acknowledge and welcome these differences and use them as sources of enlightenment and inclusion— and as a return to basic human decency. " 


Deborah is a psychotherapist, coach, and teacher who is dedicated to making the world a better place through kindness, awareness, and respect. She facilitates and oversees culture change and organizational development with an extensive background in diversity and inclusion practices. 


Enneagram Training
Leadership Development
Executive Coaching
Organizational Development
Culture Change

Diversity & Inclusion Education


"It doesn't happen just by wanting it to be so. It happens because we can make a choice to connect to the good that has been placed in all of us and allow that goodness to be reflected in our actions toward all and not just for our own selfish wants and needs."


Saba University

Ph.D. Health Sciences

Webster University

MA, Psychology and Counseling Services

University of Texas

BA, Mass Communications, Broadcast Journalism

Certification & Accredidation

Riso Hudson Enneagram Training Certification Series

  • Part I Training: The Anatomy of Personality
  • Part III Training: Advanced Explorations
  • The Inner Critic (Psychic Structures) Workshop
  • Master Class: Practicum on Workshop Teaching

Integrative Enneagram Solutions

Deborah Threadgill Egerton, PhD is an internationally respected psychotherapist and Executive coach who is often described as an unforgettable career thought-leader, diversity and inclusion practitioner, and authentic and inspirational Enneagram teacher.

Dr. Egerton teaches the Enneagram for introspective self-discovery and to cultivate a socially responsible community of cultural allies. Her work with the Enneagram has enabled her clients to get “unstuck” and move out of self-defeating negative behavioral patterns and to establish workplaces and communities that work well for everyone. 

Deborah teaches the enneagram in organizations across the country and has utilized it with her coaching, training and organizational development clients. She brings her expertise in individual and organizational development and diversity and inclusion to create an experience that energizes the spirit and sparks a passion to participate in becoming a part of creating global solutions.

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[email protected]