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Welcome to Inbox Inspirations

A weekly spiritual message from

Msgr. Michael Schleupner

Pastor Emeritus of Saint Margaret Parish in Bel Air, Maryland

As our Spiritual Director, Father Michael provides us with insight and guidance as well as spiritual counseling. His weekly updates- "Inbox Inspirations" -is a connection to his community and serves as a source of reflection and encouragement. Each update directly addresses the issues facing us at the present moment, both in our daily lives and in our hearts.

We hope you find Father Michael's words as inspirational and encouraging as we have here at Trinity.

You can find more from Father Michael, like his current and past homilies, here on is blog.


Dear Friends,

Easter responds to our human mortality.

It, or better, the risen Christ responds to our finitude, our human limitation.

From deep down within, we yearn for life.

We may call it the fullness of life.

We may call it transformed life, a life beyond our human reach.

We need to be humble enough to realize this profound hunger within us.

We need to realize that we, by ourselves, cannot satisfy this hunger.

With this humility, we look to Jesus and discover the mystery of dying and rising.

Our humility makes it possible for Easter to make sense to us.

It makes it possible for us to celebrate this sacred day.

May the joy and hope of the risen Christ abide in our hearts.

Father Michael Schleupner

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God or Heaven within Us

Dear Friends,

Try to be comfortable with some inner silence.

Even if there is noise around us, we can have inner silence.

Try to be comfortable with some stillness.

Just being, just being still with yourself - try this.

Silence and stillness are important.

They enable us to look and go within ourselves.

From within, God speaks to us.

God is there, or here within us.

God speaks from within.

God comforts and consoles, guides and challenges.

God eventually gives us peace and calm.

Through all of this, God shapes the words and actions that flow from within us.

So, just be silent and still enough to be with God and let God speak.

There is the beginning of heaven within each of us.

May the light of Christ guide us on the journey of life.

Father Michael Schleupner

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Eucharist: God with Us

Dear Friends,

This Season of Lent emphasizes repentance.

It calls us to be aware of our weaknesses.

It calls us to seek God's forgiveness.

In the midst of this, there is one important thing to recall.

God is with us even in our sinfulness.

This is what the Sacrament of the Eucharist is all about.

Jesus is present in Communion and comes to be with us, no matter what.

He is here to strengthen us for the journey of life.

He is here to nourish our personal and spiritual growth.

In this way, the Eucharist heals and reconciles.

The Sacramental Body of Christ makes us one with God.

It also makes us the living Body of Christ on this earth - one with each other.

So, during this season of repentance and reconciliation, remember the Eucharist.

Make it the center of your faith and spirituality.

It is the source and summit of all the sacraments.

May the light of Christ guide us on the journey of life.

Father Michael Schleupner

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