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Rob Jones

Rob has been working in and with organizations from a strategic standpoint for over 20 years. As an African American man in this field of work, he has developed both a clear “nonsense meter” and a strong hand in making sure that all voices are brought to and heard around the table. Rob brings a passion for understanding systems and for helping people make connections to each other and their projects. He is strong advocate for inclusion and diversity awareness, and subsequently is a valuable part of the Trinity Family. 

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Rob is an independent consultant for Trinity. He uses his strong leadership and coaching skills to implement positive change in this world. Rob is fluent in Spanish, French, Italian and English. He commands any room he enters with his strong presence and wonderful personality.


Diversity & Inclusion Education

Leadership Development

Cultural Competence Programs

Change Management



City University of New York

MA, Psychology

Columbia University

BA, Urban Studies

Certification & Accreditation

Coaching For Transformation Accreditation

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Rob Jones is the Founder and Principal of Many Rivers, LLC, a Consulting and Coaching practice designed to create lasting impact for clients. As a consultant, trainer, and coach, Rob has focused on questions of race, culture and organizational health for over 25 years. A native New Yorker, based in Richmond, Virginia, with a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies and a Master’s in Psychology, Rob has traveled many rivers in his lifetime. His journey began as a student leader in the anti-apartheid movement of the 1980’s. He has run a diversity/youth leadership training organization, worked in community development, children’s health and as a Southern Africa policy advocate where he met one of his lifelong heroes, Nelson Mandela! Rob brings a passion for understanding systems and for helping people make connections to each other and their projects. Rob’s expertise is in creating initiatives and experiences that help organizations and leaders reach beyond their everyday confines to drive inclusion, engagement and innovation. He is especially skilled at helping groups move through the “tough conversations” that create space for breakthroughs. An African American male who doesn’t always “look the part,” Rob has a unique ability to bring clarity to many different perspectives. Rob has worked in public and private sector settings to frame conversations and help clients craft management, inclusion and engagement strategies. Whether facilitating corporate dialogs for the Science Museum of Virginia’s “Race: Are We So Different?” exhibit or working directly coaching managers and work teams, Rob brings a strong, yet very respectful voice to his projects. Rob has designed and implemented organizational assessment and change management interventions and training for: the City of Richmond’s Department of Public Utilities, Prince George’s County Parks and Community Facilities, PG County Park Police; Citizen-Engaged Budgeting for Richmond’s Mayor’s Office and many other projects which require surfacing and managing difficult issues. Rob has been the lead trainer for the NYC Department for the Aging’s cultural competence efforts for over 15 years. He has worked on developing cultural competence skills at all levels of the agency from Assistant Commissioners to frontline staff and contractors.  

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